20 Original Local Tastes


Sambal Goreng is a type of dish in which meat are fried, then mixed with vegetables lightly stewed in an aromatic, coconut-based sauce. It can now be prepared simply with DESSA's "MEE SIAM" PASTE for that authentic home taste.  

Ingredients :
Chilli, Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Lemongrass, Sugar, Salt.

Prepare in 3 Easy Steps
  1. Heat wok with cooking oil.
  2. Add in items that have been cut into cubes and half fried such as Bean Curd, Fermented Beans, Prawns, Slices of Liver and Long Beans with 'SAMBAL GORENG' PASTE.
  3. Mixed well to cook.

    Serving :
    Rice, Bread or Cube Rice.